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Galleywood Vineyard

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Galleywood Estate vineyard started its creation in 2009. The vineyard now covers 20 acres of land and has several varieties of vines planted including Pinot Noir 5 clones, Pinot Meunier 2 clones, Chardonnay 8 clones and Bacchus 2 clones.

We are proud to be part of the developing wine industry in Great Britain. We started our Vineyard with some trial vines in 2009 and now have vines planted in three vineyards within the estate. Each vineyard bringing its own soil characteristics and micro climate,  allowing us to choose the best terroir for each  vine variety

The Winery has been created in a water mill style building whose architectural proportions let us embrace this iconic Essex agriculture style of building with a new and exciting use - our wine production! 

Why do we have a hook as our logo? For two reasons, a mill building would have originally  had sack hoists in the Lucams  to hoist in the grain. We now use hoists in the winery with hooks to lift and lower the gravity feed tanks for our unique system.

We produce both still and sparkling  wines all of which benefit from the gentle pressing by a traditional coquard press and look forward to releasing more styles in the near future. 

Galleywood- Embracing logo_edited.png

"celebrate  life" 

Galleywood Wines

We are all about celebration here at Galleywood. A celebration can be reaching the end of a busy week, to mark a special occasion, meeting up with friends and family or quite simply just  time to relax and  enjoy the world around us. 

“very few things in life are of the moment and timeless.” 


Galleywood Winery

We wanted the winery building to be of an architectural design that reflected our counties agricultural heritage. Based in a region with several inland waterways, a watermill style building reflected this perfectly. The opportunity of high ceilings and multiple storey design, was ideal to create a gravity feed winery.

We have overhauled a 1950's traditional Coquard press which we sourced from the Champagne region of France and installed it in a unique elevated position to commence the gravity feed system. The next part of our wine making method  was to create two raiseable  receiver tanks to accept and decant the gently pressed grape juice  avoiding unnecessary gravity fall. Once settled  the lift tanks are raised to allow the juices to flow by gravity into the temperature controlled fermentation vats, again with the minimal head required for the operation. We believe temperature control and minimal intervention is critical to achieve quality wines. We have also installed a historic Staffordshire potteries narrow gauge train that allows transport of Chardonnay Barrels and bottle crates to underground cellars for ageing which allows precise manoeuvring through confined spaces.

If you would like to learn more about our wine making and viticultural practices,  then please click the link  to see our available tours.

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