Easter Leftovers

So this week I thought I would show a recipe for using up those Easter leftovers. So here it is the chocolate egg...... if there are any left overs! but this lovely dessert may just persuade your kids or significant other, to relinquish the care of the remaining egg to you, and in return you promise to give it back even more wonderful than when you received it! The other option of course is to hunt down those much reduced eggs at the shops this week, but if you really cant bare the thought of eating anymore chocolate or wrestling the kids to get their prized eggs; this dessert is equally as lovely served in a sundae glass.

So here we have it..... a chocolate egg with Grilled Nectarines, Mascarpone cream, Amaretti and Basil. This looks beautiful on a plate or in a sundae glass but is deceptively simple to make. It is also a great make ahead dessert, so with the new social distancing regulations enabling all of us to now meet with family and friends in the garden, you can make this dessert on the morning of the gathering or even the night before and pop in the fridge covered with clingfilm (or reusable alternative) ready to uncover and take to the table to serve.

Do you know what would be perfect to serve with this dessert? well a lovely chilled glass of Galleywood Sparkling wine of course ;-)

Leftovers- what always gets left in your fridge at the end of the week? are their any recipes that you would like me to try and inspire you with to use up those stragglers? I am hoping to use this blog to inspire you with some recipes that use local ingredients and products from local suppliers.

We have excellent local suppliers for all our Fruit, Vegetables,Meat & Fish as well as some local producers of flour, eggs, honey, jams, chutneys etc. As a local company supplying our product I feel passionately about supporting other local businesses who bring top quality produce and diversity to our food choices. We all use supermarkets and chain stores, but this Pandemic has hopefully highlighted to us all how important it is to support our local businesses and keep them thriving in our communities. I would hate to see a community that is only served by giant faceless supermarkets who can not offer us that personal service that our local shops and the people that work in them provide for us.